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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks About Old Media

Gary speaks on how tech is changing the media landscape
How To Flip The Sales Funnel

Seth Godin speaks about improving sales
10 Myths About Blogs

Great informative video regarding blogging
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Alternative Energy

I made a discovery in 2003 and now have a product. I believe I have found a method of burning the hydrogen directly from water. I have [More…]
PayPal competitor seeks seed funds

For years, industry leader PayPal has gouged small payment receivers with fees approaching between ten and twenty percent of the payment value. CashSender’s goal is to offer payment [More…]
Financial assistance, patent

Managing partner, LLC, own patented technology, spraying foliage, significantly reduces spray drift, run-off, water usage, interacts with plant physiology. Testing by (PhD) USDA. Field studies ex. UofFL ext., [More…]
3 Signs that Your Company is Ready for VC Funding

New businesses trying to make a jump into the big leagues need the capital necessary to expand and grow. Finding venture capital is the choice for many smaller [More…]

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Is Your Startup Business Plan Credible?

There is no disputing the importance of a well-written business plan, especially if a business is looking for start up capital. Venture capital firms are the ultimate [More…]

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4 Ways a Business Model Helps Secure VC Funding

A startup business has an automatic disadvantage because it has no prior financial history. Convincing an angel investor or venture capital to see the promise in an unproven [More…]

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   Recent Entrepreneurs
Leader in tour operations from NAIROBI, Kenya
Business Name : summit tours
Username : lovestone
Description : Seeking capital to start a a tour operator venture
Looking for Venture Capital from Nairobi, Kenya
Business Name : Horrizon Business Solutions Ltd.
Username : jmahasi
Description : I operate a consultancy firm with a number of small support businesses. I am looking for structuring and growth funds to consolidate the various businesses under a holding company and to expand regionally first and globally later.
City-Wide Wireless Internet Service from Ogun State, Nigeria
Business Name : Microbytes Solutionss
Username : olutope2014
Description : As the popularity of the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. Microbytes Solutions will provide the community with the ability to access the Internet at a pocket-friendly price and reliable... [More]
Business Name : L&S FLEET SUPPLY
Username : ab571
Authentic home made Caribbean Food. from Texas, United States
Business Name : Caribbean Express TX
Username : NCOA5518
Description : Tasty and most authentic caribbean food, organic and fun. Why traveling to Puerto Rico when it can be brought to Central Texas. Puertorrican is the biggest demographics outside PR with a high purchase power. There are major military bases within 45... [More]
Growth/Capital Funding Available from Texas, United States
Business Name : Southstar Capital
Username : hamtramck
Description : If you are currently looking for funding based on accounts receivables, pending purchase orders, receivables, or simply looking for equipment leasing, we can help... We can provide inventive working capital solutions for your company to grow and succeed in today’s market... [More]
Modular Kitchen Business Project from Tamilnadu, India
Business Name : MRK METALS PVT LTD
Username : mrkkitchens
Description : We would like to introduce ourselves as supplier of modular kitchens and wardrobes in Coimbatore, India. We are specialized in modular kitchen designing, kitchen renovation and modular kitchen installation and installation of supporting systems. We are looking for an investment of... [More]
INVESTMENT from Georgia, United States
Username : newgencapital
Description : We are an angel investment firm base in Europe with regional offices in United States, London, France, Netherlands and Spain. We offer funding in a form of a direct loan at 5% interest per annum and 40% return on investment in... [More]
funding wnted without collateral from Tamilnadu, India
Business Name : B2M Investments
Username : Mukundhan
Description : I Have an Investment Offer. I am planning to invest on financial instruments. I don't have money to invest. So i am looking for funding without any collatral and interference. I will repay with in 6 month. Investment Needed: $1M
Writer needs Funding! from Kansas, United States
Business Name : RayCorp
Username : Kafka03
Description : Hi. My name is Raymond Kafka. I have written a book and need money for production.
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PPP Service Provider

Business Name : J L Thomas Consulting

Business Name : ZMCG SA(PTY)LTD
Modular Kitchen Business Project

Business Name : MRK METALS PVT LTD

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