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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks About Old Media

Gary speaks on how tech is changing the media landscape
How To Flip The Sales Funnel

Seth Godin speaks about improving sales
10 Myths About Blogs

Great informative video regarding blogging
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Alternative Energy

I made a discovery in 2003 and now have a product. I believe I have found a method of burning the hydrogen directly from water. I have [More…]
PayPal competitor seeks seed funds

For years, industry leader PayPal has gouged small payment receivers with fees approaching between ten and twenty percent of the payment value. CashSender’s goal is to offer payment [More…]
Financial assistance, patent

Managing partner, LLC, own patented technology, spraying foliage, significantly reduces spray drift, run-off, water usage, interacts with plant physiology. Testing by (PhD) USDA. Field studies ex. UofFL ext., [More…]
3 Signs that Your Company is Ready for VC Funding

New businesses trying to make a jump into the big leagues need the capital necessary to expand and grow. Finding venture capital is the choice for many smaller [More…]

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Is Your Startup Business Plan Credible?

There is no disputing the importance of a well-written business plan, especially if a business is looking for start up capital. Venture capital firms are the ultimate [More…]

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4 Ways a Business Model Helps Secure VC Funding

A startup business has an automatic disadvantage because it has no prior financial history. Convincing an angel investor or venture capital to see the promise in an unproven [More…]

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   Recent Entrepreneurs
Commercial real estate development from wakiso, Uganda
Business Name : vibe ltd
Username : kanetmike
Description : We are looking for a serious investor ready to fund a real estate development project with a good and ready plan. We plan to construct a high end residential estate in Uganda a country with high and capable population but with... [More]
Investors needed.Interest payout 4% from Selangor, Malaysia
Business Name : Working capital
Username : Hafizandco
Description : Seeking working capital in real estate in Australia, Malaysia in other south east Asia. this investment with real estate company will be given dividend and able the company to pay out 4% interest to investors. Max 7years dealing. Email me
Wears for all season. from Nasarawa, Nigeria
Business Name : Swamp Wears
Username : missEnde
Description : A clothing line in charge of making casual wears and also other blended with cooperate wears as well. we produce these clothes and sell them to both retailers and boutiques.
Invest in a food franchise in asia from Madrid, Spain
Business Name : Not Mentioned!
Username : andraderenew
Description : The idea is to make a franchise for european fast food in asian markets. It would be like a mc donald's but more like a starbucks for high income consumers. I would give 20% of equity to investors.
Piggery farm from Kampala, Uganda
Business Name : Hagdao Destiny (u) Ltd
Username : Oskag
Description : Start up for pig farming in Uganda to help the local communities generate house hold incomes.
BANNERBORDER from New York, United States
Business Name : Toon Graphics Inc
Username : p2314316
Description : Bannerborder is a uniquely custom wall graphic. It's design is to adhere to the wall at the ceiling. The customer will design their Bannerborder on an interactive web site. It will feature sports, education, and entertainment.
Investing in real estate sector from Central, Uganda
Business Name : Akwaaba Home Properties
Username : Balinda
Description : Our aim of interest is to invest in organized and low cost effective housing to address the issue of accommodation for low income earners.
Instruments/Funding from London, United Kingdom
Username : cornerstonetitan
Description : We are CORNERSTONE TITAN HOLDINGS LIMITED. specialized in Bank Instrument such as: Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term Notes {MTN}, CASH LOAN. Our instruments are issued from AAA Rated bank such as HSBC, Barclay's Bank London, Wells... [More]
Revolutionizing African Transport from Nairobi, Kenya
Business Name : Reliz Motorbike Transport
Username : Lizaura
Description : My business targets use of motorbikes for business, personal and delivery transport. My vision is to start a range of motorbikes for business,personal,tutoring and delivery services.
I Need $11,000 to produce my game. from Cross River state, Nigeria
Username : tony1914
Description : My pukka brain teaser game is called :\\\"Who wants to be a POLYMATH?\\\". and the game will have about 100 questions to be answer in four levels of play with 5 live lines. while the game logo/caricature will be the electric... [More]
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I Need $11,000 to produce my game.

Revolutionizing African Transport

Business Name : Reliz Motorbike Transport
Investing in real estate sector

Business Name : Akwaaba Home Properties

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