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How Fast Can You Obtain Venture Capital Funding After Approval?

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As a matter of need, entrepreneurs with a great business idea and a start up company want money immediately to continue on the journey to success. However, a venture capital firm who is willing to invest in a new start up company also has a need to be thorough in its due diligence. Thus, there exists a division of practicality between the wants of an entrepreneur and the needs of a VC firm.


Entrepreneurs who fail to understand this practical funding timeline also are likely to fail in their business. Budgeting time for venture capital investment funds to arrive to the bank can prevent many mistakes along the road to capitalization. How can a new business survive if existing capital is almost on empty before applying for venture funding?


After getting an approval from the VC firm, how long do you wait before obtaining venture capital funding? The answer is always, “it depends.”  


If you ask an entrepreneur how quickly they expect VC funding to arrive at their bank, the answers are not surprising. According to a poll conducted by the authors of the book, Inside Secrets To Venture Capital, entrepreneurs answered:


Time to Closing       Entrepreneurs’ Response


Under 30 days           22%

30-60 days                  25%

60-90 days                  20%

90-120 days                15%

120 days or more       18%


In contrast to the answers provided by entrepreneurs, the same question was posed to VC firms about how long entrepreneurs should expect the funding process to take. Here are the results of their responses:


             Time to Closing        VC Firm Response


Under 30 days             1%

30-60 days                  18%

60-90 days                  45%

90-120 days                26%

120 days or more       10%


You can see the chasm separating entrepreneurs’ expectations and the VC firms’ closing reality. Almost half of entrepreneurs expect to receive funding in 60 days or less, while the actual average funding time is between 60 and 90 days.


However, when VC firms were asked about their quickest funding time, 80% responded that they were able to fund in less than 60 days, and 41% were able to fund in 30 days or less.


The point is clear. Entrepreneurs should budget plenty of time to obtain venture funding. Never wait to the last minute to approach VC firms. You never know when you’ll receive a “yes” answer, and then you can expect at least 2 months or more before funding arrives.








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