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How To Identify Technology Risks for Startups

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For entrepreneurs and small business owners with dreams of becoming a large, nationally recognized technology company, venture capital is often an option for acquiring small business funding.


However, venture capital firms are not in the technology industry; they are in the finance industry. Thus, a venture capital firm will more likely look at a small business in terms of market potential, executive team, and previous financial management - and not just focus specifically on technology, even if it is superior.


But that doesn’t mean you should avoid identifying and fully disclosing your technology risks with a potential VC firm. They will expect it. So what kind of risks exist? And how do you identify them?


Product Development Stage


Many small technology companies attempt to acquire venture capital way too early in the venture capital process. If your company is still in the beginning stages of product development, there is a much larger risk for both you and the investing venture capital company. On the flip side, the further along in the product development stage, the better off you’ll be.


If you have a prototype that has been tested, and even analyzed and improved an efficient manufacturing process, you will have significantly less risk and be more attractive to venture capital firms.


Product Acceptance


You may have a product with superior technology, but why will customers purchase your product? And if similar products exist, why will they purchase yours over the competition?


These types of questions must be answered. Venture capital firms love superior technology, but they also understand that it must be marketable and have some advantage to acquire a large market base.


Failure to Commercialize


If you already have a product on the market, a tremendous risk exists if you are unable to fully penetrate the market. Your product must be marketable to the point where you generate enough revenue to exceed fixed costs and earn a large enough gross margin to make a profit. And commercialization is the way in which you capitalize on your superior technology with customers.


Proprietary Measures


Do you have proprietary technology? If so, if could be at risk of competitive espionage, or simply of commoditization when other companies try to copy your superior technology.


Be sure you take all measure to protect your proprietary and intellectual property. That includes:


?  Patents - Be sure to patent and protect your technology from copycats. Register your products with the US Patent Office.


?  Copyrights and Trademarks - If you have intellectual property, be sure to protect your property and trademarks with copyrights. For instance, the Walt Disney Company vehemently protects its intellectual property. Don’t even think of placing the famous mouse or any other protected character on any of your products. And be just as vigilant with your own. No one should use your intellectual property to make money without your permission.


?  Non-disclosure agreements - If you are afraid of espionage, don’t hesitate to use non-disclosure agreements with those with whom you share information. The at least gives you some recourse should your proprietary technology be released without your permission.


Identifying your technology risks can be a challenge, but by doing so, you ensure that a venture capital firm is fully aware of the challenges you face.


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